How to add a drafts link to your WordPress posts menu with a plugin

Protect your baby bird WordPress functions inside the warm nest of a plugin. Image via flickr/Alex Proimos. Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0).

David Walsh has the secret sauce for getting a link to your post drafts in the posts menu option of your WordPress site. Yes! I built upon his work and created a custom plugin that does the same. Why? Because I hate it when a site update wipes out my functions.php custom code. By using a plugin, you can keep this handy-dandy shortcut secure amid the next upgrade.

To do this, just copy the code below into a text file, save it as yourspecialsecretsauce.php, drop it into your plugins directory, and activate it.

Plugin code:


Plugin Name: Drafts Link in Posts Menu
Plugin URI:
Description: Adds a link to draft items from the Posts admin menu. took David's work and made it into a plugin.
Version: 1.0

function add_drafts_admin_menu_item() {
add_posts_page('Drafts', 'Drafts', 'read', 'edit.php?post_status=draft&post_type=post');
add_pages_page('Drafts', 'Drafts', 'read', 'edit.php?post_status=draft&post_type=page');

add_action('admin_menu', 'add_drafts_admin_menu_item');


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