How to use the Amazon Smile donation service with an easy bookmark for Amazon holiday shoppers

AmazonSmile information page
Amazon Smile (aka AmazonSmile at lets Amazon shoppers give 0.5 percent of their purchases value to a charity of their choice. If you do a lot of shopping on, the funds can add up, but Amazon does not make it easy for people to give away their money.

The e-commerce company, for one, chooses to not provide a simple button to convert any regular Amazon product page into an Amazon Smile (AmazonSmile :-)) product page on the fly. It instead pops up a generic note upon entering the site that you can switch to to ensure your donations flow to the organization you chose. There is no persistent and easy-to-use button to switch a shopper into AmazonSmile mode.

I find that cumbersome. I want to type “,” not “,” and I want it to be easy to switch to without losing the product page I’m on while using Google Chrome. In particular, I wanted a way to quickly convert any page on to the Amazon Smile (AmazonSmile) version with a click. It’s not hard — just replace the “www” of a product page’s URL with “smile” — but the super-long URLs make it a goofy process when clicking around in the tiny URL field in a browser. Here’s an example of a regular and AmazonSmile URL:

My solution is a bookmarklet, a tiny bit of JavaScript code that you use instead of a regular URL in a browser bookmark. To put my AmazonSmile bookmarklet to use in Google Chrome (it failed to work for Firefox and Safari), follow these steps:

  1. Create a new bookmark in Google Chrome. Name it whatever makes sense to you in the “name” field (mine is “smile-amazon”). In the “URL” field, paste in this code:

    javascript:(function(){let baseURL = window.location.href; let newbaseURL = baseURL.substring(12); let revisedURL = 'https://smile.' + newbaseURL;})();

  2. Go to a product page,such as the one above:
  3. Click on the bookmark you just made. A new window will open with the AmazonSmile version of the URL. In this case, that would be:

That’s all there is to it. Generosity simplified. Enjoy.

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