How to store kale

Best way to store kale
Kale is shy. Give it a shroud.

The darkest of temptations when buying kale is to cut it up in advance and store those loose leaves inside a plastic container. Convenience is yours, but a countdown begins; it won’t be long before those pieces of the plant are soggy, rotten and dark tissues of eager mush.

Put away your knife. Grab a jar. Ensure its emptiness. A big boy glass chalice is needed here, so verify its height and width. Fill it with water. Drop in your bunch of kale so it stands proud, the leaves a crown of artisanal delight. Pluck what you need then protect the rest with a light plastic bag. Return all of it to the fridge. With the precious greens preserved and protected for days, perhaps even weeks, rest easy, Brooklyn denizen. The vegetal foundation of the zeitgeist is safe.

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