Believe me, here are 11 of the bigliest tremendous signs from women’s marches against Trump

So many awwwwwws and guffaws were to be had when scrolling the internets for images of yesterday’s remarkable protests. I found 11, arranged below in no particular order, that were memorable and demanded to be shared:

(Also, will our new government vote to leave the United Nations?)

I have the best signs

Excellent sign work today.

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Politics revealed by the technical legality of murder in a slice of Yellowstone

It’s interesting enough that a section of Yellowstone National Park provides an area in which to murder someone without breaking the law due to a lack of proper jurisdiction, but I ended up being equally fascinated by a professor’s pithy analysis of U.S. government and the motivations of politicians. See how he explains their inaction: … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: movies and the art of clickbait headlines

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Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Centralized digital power and our virtual world (news roundup for March 26, 2016)

1. The Internet isn\’t distributing media power, it is concentrating it From Joshua Benton on NiemanLab: The game of concentration: The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts “The Internet doesn’t spread things apart — it pushes them together,” Richard Florida, an urban studies theorist. “You’re seeing more of … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Targeting texting and choice cuts (news roundup for March 6, 2016)

1. Your messaging apps are about to be invaded by the news ==> Purple ==> Quartz jumped on this train ==> And eventually bots analyzing data streams will provide your conversation partner ==> 2. Editorial strategy of reducing choice as a way to stand out ==> ==> Why does … Read more

We spend 40 hours a year in traffic. Self-driving cars might fix that. Read all about it on my new blog, Robot Car Report.

The 40 hours of collective traffic congestion Americans experience annually also costs the country about $121 billion. That and other stories can be found on Robot Car Report, a blog covering self-driving vehicles that I launched in June 2015. I created it because I needed to do something about missing writing and reporting. Composing quirky … Read more

The art of bearing a burden

Hay, donkey. “Daily Burden, Ethiopia” / Rod Waddington / Creative Commons   Lesson from a set of plastic drawers carried from Target to home The position, weight and size of your burden will affect how you move and the speed of your movement. It will create natural limits; at a certain point, you must abandon … Read more

How to store kale

The darkest of temptations when buying kale is to cut it up in advance and store those loose leaves inside a plastic container. Convenience is yours, but a countdown begins; it won’t be long before those pieces of the plant are soggy, rotten and dark tissues of eager mush. Put away your knife. Grab a … Read more