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You can view all of my stories and books on my Amazon author page. If you’re feeling more discriminating, check them out one by one below.

Non-fiction book: 40 by 40: Four decades of wisdom

Summary: With four decades wrapped up and four ahead, now seemed to be a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned. Some of these observations will inspire you. Others will annoy. At the very least, I hope they help you discover the wisdom you’ve gained through your own experiences.

Buy: $4 on Amazon

Short story: The Proposal

Summary: A journey into the Oklahoma hills turns into a brutal tale about the nature of earthly love and the unknowability of loss.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Novel: Star Star

Summary: Falling in love in New Orleans isn’t easy. Doing it while a waiter for the first time is even harder, and it doesn’t help if you’re a little bit neurotic. That doesn’t stop Max from trying. Will he connect with Maxine or will the city’s special blend of colorful madness swallow him like it has so many others?

Buy: $2.99 on Amazon

Short story: The Lespritz Hotel

Summary: One man’s family pays for his greed and deals with unknowable powers.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Short story: Eggs in London

Summary: Finding a thief is just as hard as finding a lover.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Short story: But What About Alaska?

Summary: Love gets caught up in the intricacies of an environmental protest using a giant inflatable caribou.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Short story: Mechanical Inclination

Summary: Frank finds himself losing a battle he began for his wife’s affection.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Short story: Rabbits

Summary: Holding a relationship together with paper rabbits.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Short story: Waiting to Dance

Summary: Slow dances and love require patience.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

Non-fiction book: Zen and the art of bicycle riding in New York

Summary: Thought gum to chew before braving the streets of New York on your two-wheel steed.

Buy: 99 cents on Amazon

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