How to archive Supernote e-notebook files as PDFs on a Mac

I finally found a device that let me go from writing with pens in paper notebooks to writing with styluses in electronic paper tablets: the Supernote A6 X. The Supernote is an incredible tool. It is my first e-writing experience that truly felt like pen on paper. No slowness. The lines unfurl as I expect … Read more

How to make it easier to use Amazon Smile makes it a bit difficult to use the e-commerce company’s donation service, AmazonSmile (or Amazon Smile) that gives 0.5 percent of shoppers’ purchases’ value to charity. My bookmark fixes the problem.

COVID-19 crafts: How to make a coronavirus no-sew mask with a t-shirt, coffee filter and bendable rubber gear tie

In the much mask era of the new coronavirus, we’re all getting crafty to protect ourselves against the spread of COVID-19. My how to guide to making a mask involves no sewing and requires simple and cheap materials. It’s not an N-95 defender, but it might help with droplets.

Prevent automatic footer insertion with Adobe Acrobat HTML to PDF conversion

I often make HTML files that I drag directly into Adobe Acrobat in order to convert them to PDFs. The program inserted a very annoying footer each time that showed the location of the file on my hard drive. Something like “file:hardrive/folderfolder/etc/etc.lah…”. I could delete it manually, but never was there an option in the … Read more