News Video for the International Herald Tribune and New York Times: Protesting the Torch in Hong Kong

While a staff editor with the International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong, I reported, shot and edited this piece about protests planned around the Olympic torch’s journey through the city-state. It accompanied an article, but the video there ceased functioning, so I uploaded the piece to YouTube. Later, I discovered the video on The Times’s website:

News Video for the International Herald Tribune and New York Times: Virtual Golf in South Korea

I edited and narrated this footage shot in conjunction with an article about South Koreans turning to the virtual world for their golf fix. Here is the video on

News Video for the International Herald Tribune and New York Times: Rebirth for a Fee in Thailand

I edited narration and footage supplied by Seth Mydans, who wrote an article about a fascinating priestly business in Thailand. You can see the video on

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Remembering a Slain Deputy

I captured the footage and edited it for this video about Deputy James McGrane. He was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in Albuquerque’s East Mountains. His parents were still in a bit of shock when I spoke with them.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Soldiers Prepare for Iraq Deployment

These members of the National Guard were training in advance of their deployment to Iraq. A shortage of bullets to practice with was one worry among many that faced them. I shot and edited this piece.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Johnny Tapia’s Last Fight?

I went to a Johnny Tapia press conference with a video camera expecting no more than a few sound bites, but, after a polite request, I ended up accompanying the amiable champ to a training session in a neighborhood gym. I shot and edited this project.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: A Water Taste Test

Peter Rice, a colleague of mine at The Albuquerque Tribune, brainstormed the dandy idea to have a taste test with a local wine expert to measure the quality of a new water source in New Mexico. Mr. Rice shot the footage with the first Flip ever produced, thus the poor audio. I edited.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Video Gamers in Albuquerque

Albuquerque teenagers prepare for an upcoming video game tournament. Welcome to taping in the dark. I shot and edited this story.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Elvis Presley Sighting in New Mexico

In a tiny diner along a dusty New Mexico road, Elvis Presley lives. I shot and edited this.

News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: The Falcon Video Game Controller

Like any tech fan, news of a new toy gets me going. I went to cover this device, which introduced me to the world of haptics. I shot and edited this short video.

Breaking News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Albuquerque Police Raid Home

I admit it: I thought I might get shot during this raid, though in retrospect, there was little if any chance the police would let us come along for the fun if such a disaster might occur. I shot and edited all of this by 10:30 a.m. after starting at 5 a.m. or so, if I remember correctly.

Breaking News Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Speech From Resigning UNM Basketball Coach

Ritchie McKay was never known as the most dynamic speaker and he didn’t surprise anyone with his departing words. I shot and edited this on a very tight deadline in an effort to beat competing television news stations.

Video for The Albuquerque Tribune: Poetry in the Paper Contestant

Every year The Albuquerque Tribune would have a contest to celebrate local poets. Since I was there cooking up videos, I went ahead and shot and edited shorts of the winners reading their prized work. This is one example of several.

Music videos

Tunes From Fast Heart Mart

Fast Heart Mart was one of my favorite artists of the many who came to perform for the video series I did about New Mexico musicans. I shot and edited this video and others in the series with an elaborate set up involving my employer’s camera, my personal camera and a low-end Flip camera attached to the ceiling.

Tunes From Zechariah T. Freeman

I enjoyed Zack’s music so much, I invited him to play at a party I threw a few weeks later. He killed it. I shot and edited the video above.

Tunes From Jana Pochop

Groovy, no? She’s got such a strong voice. I shot and edited this.

Short Film: A Happy Death

This project was the baby of my friend and filmmaker, Saul Rodriguez Garcia. My job was mostly to act. I tried my best, but I wish I gave the character a little more range. Then again, he was one messed-up dude, so it’s hard to imagine him skipping with a unicorn in tow.

Short Film: Drawn

This was the first-year project of Sandra O’Claire when she was a film student at the University of New Orleans. I only acted in it. My role was that of a frustrated writer who abandons an adventurous date after he discovers she’s thinking that a spontaneous road trip is more than a fling.

Short Film: My Post-Mortem Summer

Once again, I provided my acting services to a friend and filmmaker, Tyrell Cummings. This was possibly the most fun I had on a shoot. That’s what happens when you make movies about the devil’s right-hand man and bureaucratic ineptitude in hell. I really got into this character, probably because I concluded he was the type that had to snack on pistachios all day. I love pistachios.

Short Film: Dinner, My Love

A short film poem about love, dinners and odd nightly activities. I wrote and directed this. I shot a good chunk of it and edited the movie as well. I produced it, as far as that verb can be accurate when describing the making of a no-budget masterpiece. Very good friends, listed in the credits, helped with everything.