The future of news: modes, lived experience, and solutions

Modes Are you a sifter, substantiater, studier, socializer, or sensemaker? Answer carefully — the future of the news industry may depend on it. If you’re like me and other people mentioned in Next Gen News report on the future needs and wants of info-hungry folks, you’re probably all of them. From one second to the … Read more

Bookmark shortcut to clean up recipes for

I stumbled into, a lovely service that allows you to turn chaotic recipe web pages into clean and usable directions by adding “” in front of the URL. Rather than typing that out repeatedly, I made a bookmarklet to handle the work. If you don’t know, a bookmarklet is a browser bookmark that uses … Read more

Where is our new world?

Fixing the environment is not just an technological problem, though everyone would prefer it is. It is also a political, psychological, sociological, economic system, and spiritual problem. But it’s simpler than that. It comes down to how we think. Those values so deep you don’t even know they’re there. A big one is that we … Read more

Writing with AI is not writing

Bugs, dogs, dinosaurs, neighborhoods, cities, countries, civilizations, planets, and, now, human creativity: They live, they die — fast, slow, brutally or gently. Generative AIs like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and Jasper are bringing plenty of violence and speed to the demise of writing. Or perhaps just a way of writing. Words, sentences, paragraphs, stories — making … Read more

How to archive Supernote e-notebook files as PDFs on a Mac

Update April 10, 2024: I started receiving error messages about a file type not being supported when trying to run this Supernote conversion process. I could never diagnose what was up, so I ended up downloading a ZIP file of the Supernote program from GitHub, then pasting it into my hard drive where I stored … Read more