Article for Medill: Train wreck death

Glenview Police identified Peter Guttilla, 87, of the 500 block of Briar Hill Lane, Glenview, as the man who died after a Metra train struck his car on Thursday morning. Exactly how and why Guttilla’s car got onto the tracks is still under investigation, said Commander Don Hohs of the Glenview Police Department. A final … Read more

Article for Medill: Car explodes during suicide

One man is dead after an explosion Thursday night in garage of the house at 9320 Greenwood Avenue across the street from the Golf Mill Shopping Center, according to Bob Cohen, Director of the Maine Township Emergency Management Agency. Leo McDevitt, 44, was found dead inside the garage of the house by firefighters responding to … Read more

Article for Medill: Saving the mannequins

Six firefighters from the Glenview Fire Department will head for Rockford in spring to tear apart cars like the rest of us tear apart paper. They’ll be competing with approximately a dozen other teams of firefighters in the annual Midwest Regional Extrication Challenge to save the life of a mannequin trapped in a car bulldozed … Read more

Article for Medill: HIPAA’s side effects

If you’re away while a loved one gets hurt and an ambulance from the Niles Fire Department whisks him or her to a hospital, don’t call the fire station to find out which hospital – walk in with a picture ID or start calling local hospitals. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) … Read more

Article in Where Y’at: Kissing the nails

“You want to see my rabbit head?” The man asking me if I want to see what’s left of Thumper goes by the name of Flag. He came to New Orleans from Connecticut and spends his time here finishing off Know Nothing Zirkus Zideshow performances by lying on a bed of 2,723 10-penny nails and … Read more

Article in Where Y’at: Comics from below

Comics — the way our grandparents spelled it — were relatively harmless tales of cute, wide-eyed characters birthed from the womb of early 20th century newspapers. Titles such as King Comics, Famous Funnies and Comic Monthly innocently sold themselves for a dime. They eventually evolved into an army of men in tights trying not to … Read more