A car is what we call the integration of comfortable boxes on wheels with roadways, fuels, and traffic laws

Fixing the environment is not just an technological problem, though everyone would prefer it is. It is also a political, psychological, sociological, economic system, and spiritual problem. But let’s keep it simple. How we think about the planet is killing us. We think we are separate. Humans here, nature over there. This goes back to … Read more

Writing with generative AI is like…

Bugs, dogs, dinosaurs, neighborhoods, cities, countries, civilizations, planets, and, now, human creativity: They live, they die — fast, slow, brutally or gently. Generative AIs like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and Jasper are bringing plenty of violence and speed to the demise of writing. Or perhaps just a way of writing. Words, sentences, paragraphs, stories — making … Read more

How to archive Supernote e-notebook files as PDFs on a Mac

I finally found a device that let me go from writing with pens in paper notebooks to writing with styluses in electronic paper tablets: the Supernote A6 X. The Supernote is an incredible tool. It is my first e-writing experience that truly felt like pen on paper. No slowness. The lines unfurl as I expect … Read more

Sustainable Brands: Struggling to Scale Up Sustainably? Ask Nature (ghostwritten op-ed for Meati Foods)

Ghostwritten op-ed for the CEO of Meati Foods. Published in Sustainable Brands in February 2023: https://sustainablebrands.com/read/product-service-design-innovation/struggling-to-scale-up-sustainably-ask-nature I hope every entrepreneur and business leader takes a moment to see if Mother Nature has already created what they’re trying to create or achieve in the marketplace. Among the many ways for a business to respond to our … Read more

MushroomRoot 101 for Meati Foods (landing page product explainer)

URL: https://meati.com/mushroom-root Section 1: What is MushroomRoot? We are so glad you asked! MushroomRoot is Meati’s hero ingredient and really what we are — it constitutes 95% of most of our products. It’s a naturally nutrient-packed root-like structure that makes possible Meati’s textures, clean ingredient list, and provision of protein, fiber, B vitamins, and other … Read more