After witnessing shooting at Batman premiere in Colorado, Chinese woman in USA shares words of wisdom

Prayer is the language
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A 19-year-old Chinese-American woman wasn’t in the same room as the accused shooter James Holmes, but she saw more than enough at the theater to scar anyone: police, guns, a boy covered in blood, people hauled into ambulances and sirens, according to a translation that Chinahush picked up from

Amid the frightening details of the essay, two paragraphs stood out. Here’s the first:

I have thought of this before, if nothing big happens in my life, then its like never lived.  Thought about things like this would happen, but now it really happened, I am really scared.  I don’t want it to happen again.

Not that she’s unclear, but let me try rewording this. She once thought that she needed to experience dramatic events, good or bad, to live a full life. But after this traumatic encounter, she feels fear and wishes for the very simplicity and innocence she once considered inadequate. Wow.

And here’s the second paragraph:

Maybe this is a big thing happened in our lives, maybe it is a lesson.  I only want to say to everyone here, cherish your lives, do not make your lives as a joke.  Sometimes our lives can not be controlled by us, but, our live can be better protected by us.

We all know this one. Life is short and unpredictable. Treat it like a precious gift. We can’t control everything, but we can do better within the constraints that find us.

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