Barack Obama’s inauguration speech: man, I’m exhausted already

Mr. President, that is one huge to-do list. I’m all for making America, the world and the known universe a better and more equal place for all, but sometimes I think we Americans are fighting so much with each other because we’re just a bit tired, like two-year-olds at the end of a vacation on the beach — crying and wandering about like inebriated boxers with more will than muscle, yet in possession of a unshakeable need to thrash something. Couldn’t we relax a bit? Take a break from making everything better all the time? Maybe get a little European on it? Embrace siestas; sneak a glass of wine back into lunch; stop using a keyboard as a plate. Little things like that. Maybe for a few weeks. Then we can get back to the business of saving the world and ourselves.

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