Believe me, here are 11 of the bigliest tremendous signs from women’s marches against Trump

So many awwwwwws and guffaws were to be had when scrolling the internets for images of yesterday’s remarkable protests. I found 11, arranged below in no particular order, that were memorable and demanded to be shared:

(Also, will our new government vote to leave the United Nations?)

I have the best signs

Excellent sign work today.

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#womensmarch @eunhapaek

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Age of the goddess cometh

I sure hope so!

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We f#cked up bigly

#womensmarch #womensmarchonwashington

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I can’t believe I still have to protest this fucking shit

Looks like this one, which I thought came from the women’s marches, is actually an ongoing image from previous events — not sure where it originated, but below it is referenced at another activity:

This pussy fights back

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We are the grandaughters (sic) of the witches you were never able to burn

Scenes from a protest 4

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i <3 naps but i stay woke

SAME YO @travon #womensmarch

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Mike Pence likes Nickelback

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This episode of Black Mirror sucks

If only it were

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