Blogging from my mobile phone: good for access, bad for thinking

Too much thunder, not enough lightning.
HTC: Too much thunder, not enough lightning.

With the WordPress app for Android, I can use my thumbs to pull thoughts free off their nest atop the pancakes I just ate at the Kitchenette restaurant in Harlem.

But it’s hard to think too deeply with such a small screen and such a tiny keyboard. They’re uncomfortable to work with and I regret each point I come up with to explore in this post.

Now if more of the world is using the phone as a way to connect to the Web, we have to ask: what kind of content will serve the mobile experience?

Did movie makers ask this about televisions? Video makers for the Web did: more close-ups were required because long/wide shots turned into a smear of detail too small to grasp.

But what is a textual close-up? Break apart the text? Or write it differently?

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