Counterfeit bills pay a visit to a Little Italy bike shop

Bicycle Habitat has seen an increase in the number of counterfeit bills brought into its shop, according to an employee.

A man recently attempted to buy a tire patch kit with a $50 bill that was proven fake after getting the magic pen treatment.

When the employee returned the bill after noting it was counterfeit, the man quickly left, stealing the tire patch kit.

Another worker said a business near the bike shop had recently encountered a fake $10 bill.

Bicycle Habitat noted the crime on Twitter (@BicycleHabitat) in response to another Twitterer (@bikewobble) who came across a counterfeit $10 bill.

Uncle Sam dislikes fake bills running around the country enough to have founded the Secret Service in 1865 to suppress the activity.

If you come across counterfeit bills, the Service suggests a number of steps to take, including calling the cops or one of its field offices.

I’m trying to reach an N.Y.P.D. community affairs office to see if there has been a rise in the number of reports of counterfeit bills.

Bicycle Habitat is here:
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