Google doesn’t want you to buy Glass

Cyborg face
Face device still needs some fine-tuning.Wikimedia | Michelle Zell-Wiesmann
Tell me, what percentage of the population will wear obnoxious glasses on their face that annoy everybody?

My guess: a slice so small as to be negligible.

Google Glass will not change the world.

But what will change the world are the conversations and conflicts, prompted by Google Glass, occurring around the cultural integration of cyborg technologies.

Google’s long game here is prepping (testing?) society to accept a new version of us: full-on cyborgs who appear classically human.

Google knows that the seamless integration of information technology with our biology changes what it means to be human. Hello, Google Brain Implant.

Redefine “human” and you alter the requirements — those subtly, socially enforced norms — for being human. Economics, law, politics, art, psychology and more will loudly join the conversation that Google launched with Glass.

So even though Google Glass is out, and even though Google plays with doing the same to contact lenses, the end goal is transforming the human eye and every other part of the brain and body so to put the Internet, software, computer capabilities — and perhaps our doom — inside us.

Google doesn’t want you buy Glass.

It wants you to buy a new world where its information technology is seamlessly integrated with your brain and body.

Do you want to be a cyborg?

If everyone adopts these technologies to compete in tomorrow’s society, will you even have a choice to participate, if you want to survive?

Who will be able to afford it?

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