How to Send Items From Google Reader to Google Plus

With the addition of Google+ to my social networks, I’ve been looking for a way to send items from Google Reader to my stream. The Chrome extension from lomegor, called the “RSS Share for Google Plus™ and Google Reader™,” is a step forward, though not perfect. (If you want to skip the blog post about the extension that is linked above, and go straight to this handy tool at the Chrome store, it is here.)

Its limitations:

  • I found it crashed my Google+ page if I attempted to get Google Reader items to show on my Google+ page. I turned these options off, as the extension creator suggested in the blog post linked above.
  • It still doesn’t integrate with the simple “share” button in Google Reader, which sends my shared items to Twitter and to a feed that appears on this blog. So it’s adding another step, which defeats the purpose a bit.
  • You’ll need to use it with your Chrome browser.

Nonetheless, it saves me a copy-paste, tab-leaping circus show just to suck some seconds out of the lives of people in my Google+ circles.

There is another extension, but I have not tried it.

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