IBM’s Watson, mechanical dogs, machine guns and self-assembling robots: Here comes the Terminator

T-1000 Terminator
Eyes are a portable function executed by any element of my malleable hardware, not a component. Compete with that, humans!

The technology to make a real T-1000 continues to evolve. A bit of combining, a bit of refining, and soon we will have the pleasure of being chased by self-aware machines that don’t want to be friends with humans.

Read these four articles and tell me you don’t see it coming, especially when DARPA (well, I assume it’s already on top of this) sees the possibilities:

Alex, what is Skynet? A computer capable of thinking: IBM’s Watson is a problem-solving creature that passes the Turing test.

Run faster, Forrest: Four-legged machines hitting 16 mph: Boston Dynamics’ Wildcat dares us silly humans to try to flee.

Freeze: Movement-tracking machine gun: Amazing what you can do with a webcam nowadays.

Reality is clay: Adaptive, modular robots who can build themselves into whatever is required: Absolutely amazing if they can refine and miniaturize it.

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