In a Graf: New York Times of June 4, 2009

Obama begins construction of a rhetorical road to the goal of a safer world with a speech on improving U.S.-Muslim relations, Hong Kongers celebrate freedom while China does not, more Americans are unable to afford prescription drugs while a few major pharmaceutical companies (1, 2, 3) made an average profit of $7.78 billion in 2008, Brooklyn will save $200 million on a new arena but lose a famous architect, the former C.E.O. of what was once the largest U.S. mortgage lender faces charges of securities fraud and insider trading, the Palm Pre steps into the ring with the iPhone, sexism continues its shuffle out of science fields, some doctors are worried about selling face lifts like bags of chips, a pro tennis player is within reach of a peak experience, a clarinet player shows that love for one’s work can last, a designer finds success selling men refined and familiar manliness, and peaceful strolls are readily available in Philadelphia.

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