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The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open, and Social Media-Savvy

On the campus of Penn State University, a rivalry between a rogue campus blog and the official newspaper has become a fascinating mirror of the strife between old and new media.

Don’t look at old and new media, look at old and new media customers. What does each want? Are they distinct? Can one organization provide everything? Oh, and why is the blog described as “rogue”?

Onward State happily promotes a competitor’s story with direct links, while The Collegian questions the very logic of such a strategy. …  A symbolic move which tells readers to “go read our competition” would be devastating to the trust they’ve worked for over a century to gain, according to The Collegian’s editor.

This represents an attitude toward people’s attention. On one hand, “old media” sees attention as something to be captured, exploited and isolated, even to the information disadvantage of the person supplying the attention. “New media” sees attention as something to direct to the greatest information advantage of the person supplying the attention. I believe an information service that best meets a customer’s needs, even at a short-term sacrifice of its business interests, will prevail in the competition for attention (but getting people’s money is a whole other problem; advertising is a business built on failures that in large part no longer exist).

“Money making is not something that we’ve really embraced yet,” said Davis Shaver, founder of Onward State.


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