Link: If asked for advice, get your Wikipedia on and start spewing info, not orders

How to give advice via Careers in Theory.

When making decisions, people don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be given information about the options before them, a study says. However, if an expert is dispensing the advice, then people are more open to being told what to do.

So how to apply this?

  • Reviews are more valuable than commandments, unless you are in the role of an expert answering questions from a client. For example, I could say use WordPress for your blogging, or I could describe three of its characteristics: free, simple to use and powerfully customizable with free plugins.
  • When responding for requests for help, it makes sense to ask the questioner whether he or she wants information or a decision, if it’s not clear at the outset. If information is desired, then put it in context. Does the decision-maker want to put the decision in a financial context? A spiritual one? A personal happiness one?
  • This approach could narrow down how you might construct blog posts. For example, a post entitled “The Top Free Blogging Platforms” might be more useful than “The Top Blogging Platforms.”

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