Link: The Rise Of The Social Nervous System –

The Rise Of The Social Nervous System –

From the last setnence: “…reshaping our identities as part of a larger, interconnected whole.”

Here’s how I think the Internet is reshaping identity:

1) More acceptance and embrace of variation in personality because diverse skills are advantageous in problem-solving, and we have more problems to solve as our awareness of them increases due to the Web.

2) “Growing up” will be less about adapting to our cirumstances and more about finding circumstances which suit us, since searching and finding are immensely easier with the Internet.

3) Relationships will be overtly goal-oriented and of a more contractual, discrete nature.

4) Daily life more and more takes on the features and functions normally reserved for artistic performance as basic social and physical needs are instantly met, and more complex psychological and spiritual goals are then pursued to generate a sense of meaning.

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