Link: Three questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready to pursue your dream (Harvard Business Review remix)

How to Keep Your Top Talent – Harvard Business Review

This HBR article targets managers looking for techniques to retain top talent, but I thought it could be applicable to individuals trying to manage their own big ambitions.

Reading the article online requires a subscription, so I’ll just cite the few points from the (gasp!) print magazine I have sitting before me.

The article says three attributes best define rising stars:

1) Ability: technical, intellectual and emotional skills.

2) Engagement: level of commitment employee feels toward firm and its mission.

3) Aspiration: the desire for recognition, advancement and future rewards, and degree to which the employee’s wants align with what the company wants for her.

My point is to test your own three answers to these questions against the needs and requirements of your ambitious goal, your dream job, relationship, adventure or whatever it is. Do you have the skills to pull it off? How committed are you? Can you follow it through? And are you committed to how this dream opportunity will move you ahead? Will it fulfill your aspirations?

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