Made my 1st app: daily expense analyzer (those coffees can add up)

Daily cost calculator app
My weakness for a daily doughnut compelled me to consider the cost of my sweet tooth.

I made an app: Penny (

Penny takes the purchase price of tiny, daily treats, such as brownies, coffee and whatnot, and calculates the cost of them spread over a week, month and year. Then it tells you what else you could have done with that money. I made it because I often think this way when I’m in money-preservation mode. It helps me better understand the cost of things and the value of saving.

I designed this for smartphones first, though it will work in any browser (I think…). Is it actually a website, not an app? Meh, doesn’t matter.

I hope to make Penny a bit more elegant in the future, when I figure out how to extract certain info from sites and re-present it on the fly. When I figure that out, the option to purchase “.23” of a Macbook Air will go away.

Back in the day, I called apps programs, and I made them in Basic. My first one involved fighting a troll. What can I say, Infocom’s Zork series inspired me. It was 10 print this, 20 goto that, 30 goto 5. And so on. So much fun. The loops. The escapes from the loops.

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