Mush: Make your own to-do list app [JavaScript]

Sled dogs
Demon eyes + goofy tongue = mildly uncomfortable poetic rumination. Frank Kovalchek

In Alaska, the snow is unblemished white steel hugging the land like skin.

Some people call this emptiness “nothing.”

I call it a road. I want to mush.

Cables of time connect moments until a journey rises.

A moment is a task: an imperative to act. You must move, or you are not.

List them before you forget.


This tool, displayed below in the CodePen embed, is based upon the “Amazeriffic” exercise found in chapter 4 of the book, Learning Web App Development, by Semmy Purewal. It used jQuery, and I wanted to do everything in pure JavaScript to help me learn the language. So thanks to all these tutorials for helping me figure out how to do just that:

Supplementary, background info:

See the Pen Pure JavaScript to-do list by tumolillo (@hellotumo) on CodePen.

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