New slot machine ready to serve necessity of gambling to retire. How the SEC is enabling Wall Street’s fungal creep into Main Street | Heidi Moore

I love how this essay flows: smart, nasty and to the point. The business development arm of the Wall Street profit industry (SEC) opens the pathway for hedge funds seeking to seduce investors worth at least a million. Americans, we now have yet another way to play the game we’re forced into if we want to consider that old myth known as “retirement.” Exciting, I’m sure, but I’m still stuck on the fact that, for who knows how long, working and saving lands nowhere close to preparing one for the day he/she can’t grind another buck out of an hour. In fact, you will lose money if you do a silly thing like stash it. Through policy, culture, the flow of power and whatever else you want to call it, you have to drop your dollars into the hands of the financial masters of the universe or watch it evaporate in the heat of the machinations of those more powerful and rich than you’ll ever be.

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