Payday is a cold-blooded killer

That green stuff will kill you
That green stuff will kill you
You just cranked out a 60-hour work week, raked in a nice wad of cash for your efforts, and now it’s time to take your paycheck prize and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If you want to live, stop.

Payday is deadly, a Notre Dame researcher says.

According to an economist, William Evans:

Traffic fatalities, heart attacks and increased substance abuse are among the most common causes of the short-term – but significant – increase in mortality following payday.

“There is increased economic activity after payday,” he said. “Some of the activity, like driving and trips to bars, will naturally increase risk. Many types of activities are also known to trigger heart attacks. … We found increased mortality after payday for the young and old, low and higher income groups, for married and single individuals.”

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