Prepare to see more command-presencey, taller cops in New York

Officer Cruising
Ticket time.

The New York Police Department has ordered up to 90 of these scooters by T3 Motion. Apparently, the N.Y.P.D.’s experience with the Segway has led it to try yet another avenue for magnifying its officers’ mobility. The company’s chief tells us that the vehicle’s 9-inch elevated platform will provide “an elevated line of sight” and a “command presence in crowds.” Is he saying authority is directly dependent upon your personal elevation? Is that why actors go for lifts? Even if height means power, I’m more into the company’s car/motorcycle/bullet/sausage hybrid. It’s electric, goes up to 70 m.p.h. and has a “black box” recording system. Um, what? Will transportation agencies be investigating horrific crash scenes involving these vehicles? Or maybe it’s just a chance to YouTube-ify your driving experience.

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