Prevent automatic footer insertion with Adobe Acrobat HTML to PDF conversion

I often make HTML files that I drag directly into Adobe Acrobat in order to convert them to PDFs. The program inserted a very annoying footer each time that showed the location of the file on my hard drive. Something like “file:hardrive/folderfolder/etc/etc.lah…”. I could delete it manually, but never was there an option in the preferences to turn this off. A little research revealed that this particular preference, for an unknown reason, is buried in a menu only accessible in the context of trying to create a PDF in a specific fashion.

Here’s what you do to turn off the automatic insertion of footers (and other things) when converting from HTML to PDF in Adobe Acrobat:

1) Click on the “Create” menu in upper left corner, or go to File > Create.

2) Choose create PDF from Web page. Choose a file.

3) In the dialog box that pops up, click on settings.

Note: If you choose create PDF from HTML, it will not allow you to tweak settings. And you cannot access these settings anywhere else that I am aware of.

4) Uncheck the footer/header box. Uncheck others if you like.

5) You should now be able to create the PDFs from HTML documents without the footer automatically showing up.

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