Read it: ‘Spin’ by Robert Charles Wilson

This sci-fi novel follows the stories of a doctor, brilliant scientist and religious fanatic as the earth becomes ensnared in a time-warping cocoon built by an alien intelligence with intentions that I won’t reveal.

At stake, of course, is the future of humanity and possibly the universe.

I’m in awe of the imagination that came up with the concept of the “Spin,” which is the time-warping membrane encasing the earth, and all of the implications and applications of such a technology. I didn’t necessarily identify with any of the characters, but they were strong enough to carry the story at a steady gallop, then a sprint, to the end.

One of the most pleasurable results of this novel is the perspective it gives you on contemporary, real problems. If only we could change the way time works and present a planet-ending threat to whip up some serious motivation.

Definitely worth a read, and excellent fare for the subway. It’s on the ol’ Amazon store.

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