Review: Digg Reader wins RSS feeds handling contest

Loving the new Speedy, light and clean. Well done.

Still, I have a few questions:

1) No Android app, and no functionality with a mobile browser. Hunh.

2) Every topic folder I have opens when I load initially. This is very annoying as I created something like 70 of them. My list on the left stretches like a space elevator. Why is “open every folder” the default upon opening?

3) The drag tool to move up and down through my folders fails to work, at least in Google Chrome. I’m forced to mouse wheel my way through hundreds of feeds.

4) I imagine integration with many more services is on the way, so I’ve got nothing to say about the limited connections of Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

I tried Feedly, but it crawled compared to this, and overemphasized prettiness. It also prompted me with its intro slides every time I launched it on the Android app.

Digg’s service dropped the site back in my bookmarks. Cool. Still sad to see Google Reader go, but this provides a smooth alternative.

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