Sylvester Stallone chaos

I’ll tell you what chaos is: walking down a Hong Kong street and seeing Sylvester Stallone on a poster advertising a pen with the word “chaos” next to his name.

What is that all about? What is going on here? Who would call a line of pens the “Chaos” line? Writing is the opposite of chaos. It’s taking a pile of pennies, melting them down in your skull, then vomiting a (2.5%) copper statue of a sumo wrestler striking a pirouette. Could I get some help? Chaos, the big one, is about fireballs and floods and really slow e-mail. What man brings a pen to the end of the world? A man who plays Rambo, that’s who. Stallone. Chaos destroyer. Or CHAOS MAKER?

The pen costs $5,000, by the way. It has skulls and snakes and other chaosy stuff on it.

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