There is no good advertising

Native Advertising — a.k.a. Good Advertising (

The intent of the communication speaks to the truth of it. Another way to say intent: goal; purpose; to what position you are trying to move the person to whom you are communicating.

All communication is a battle; you are trying to change someone.

Making someone informed is changing them.

Intent’s value, and judgments placed upon it, depend on where it is expressed. In other words, desiring to get wasted at a funeral, birthday party, baseball game or at home alone all have different meanings, and variations in acceptability/receptivity to others.

Anything that is an ad is contrary to the purpose of the person visiting a website. It is space in an information flow that must be bought because the content going into it is not actually desired; it is an interruption.

“Native advertising” is lipstick on a pig. Nothing changes when the goal fails to change.

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