This photo will make you believe that the entire planet will be swallowed by a black hole tomorrow

Galaxies 'Coming of Age' in Cosmic Blobs (NASA, Chandra, 6/24/09)
That is a black hole thingy reverse quantum hula hooping to create boom boom.NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center / Foter

Tomorrow, a previously quantum-quarantined black hole in the center of the earth will disastrously expand due to magma effecting extraordinary shifts in the planet’s dark matter alignment. Don’t believe me? Look at the pretty picture!

Admit it, you felt a little bit of truthiness to my lie. If you’re wondering why, that’s what a pretty picture does, according to a study featured in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Yep, our brains are that easy to push around. Throw in a “decorative photograph” next to any claim, and people are more likely to get behind your complete nonsense.

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