Today’s irresistible links

Links to stories culled from the magic pipes:

Amazing Race: E-Waste Violators’ Best Friend because trash is one of those characteristics of modern life that shocks, worries and amazes me (‘The average American throws away a staggering 4.5 pounds of rubbish daily.’).

Vice’s Q & A with Terry Gillam because I’ve enjoyed just about everything he has been involved with.

Our Three Bombs because who doesn’t worry about the effects of the mounting U.S. debt ($11.9 trillion) and the climate?

Canadian prostitutes sue for right to open bordellos because how societies treat sex is endlessly fascinating.

Bugs in Pictures: Incredible Insect Macro Photography because these ostracized and forgotten creatures need our help.

10 Business Ideas That Will Get Your Ass Sued because I’d like to start one.

10 Doomsday Cults because such groups are one launching point for new ideas as they begin their assault on mainstream society (aren’t we all cultists?).

Egyptian Police Arrest Christian Father for Attempting to Free Kidnapped Daughter because it vaguely reminded me of the Savoie case in Japan.

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