Today’s New York Ebola case finds its way to Craigslist’s ‘Missed Connections?’

Ever since Gawker wrote about the “ultimate Craigslist Missed Connection,” this little corner of the New York Internet has fascinated me; nowhere can you find hearts so rudimentarily bared so colorfully raw. And those literary gems of heartbreak like the one Gawker cited — I presume from students in creative writing programs around the city — show up on a regular basis.

The latest contribution is a bit more newsworthy than usual: the author (“w4m – 24”) implies that she kissed the New York doctor who was discovered to have Ebola after returning from Guinea. How so? The post’s title (“Doctor with Short Dark Hair at Bowling Alley – w4m – 24 (Brooklyn Bowl)” references a meeting at Brooklyn Bowl, and the news article about the doctor (who has short, dark hair) mentioned that he went to that type of venue in Brooklyn.

Or, in “her” words:

Doctor with Short Dark Hair at Bowling Alley – w4m – 24 (Brooklyn Bowl)

You just got back from a long trip. You told me you’re a doctor. I didn’t believe you. You were so sweet, I barely saw it coming when you grabbed me and leaned in for a kiss. It lasted forever and I still wanted more.

I hope you see this.

An attempt to spread panic? A media experiment? A (surprisingly) truthful confession? A strange coincidence? Who knows, but I’m sure someone will be finding out soon. Probably Gawker. They follow this beat.

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