U.S. journalists forced to work for the prosecution. A Blow for the Press, and for Democracy

A Blow for the Press, and for Democracy – NYTimes.com.

Where is the U.S.A. going? Institutions of all sorts put individual rights at risk as the control of information becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. From the point of view of those in power, leaks have been OK as long as one knows the paths through which they flow. In that perspective, the leak process is just another tool to maintain and alter power structures. But with the Internet, leaks have a million holes to flow through. Blowback against that unpredictability is spreading (leaking?) everywhere, as this decision shows. Abstract this, and then abstract it further, and it turns into some kind of struggle of values and philosophies: Control vs. Chaos, Comfort vs. Change, Loyalty vs. Rebellion, Practicalities vs. Ideals. Then again, all of those categories are gray and open to interpretation, but I include them because it fascinates me to see how so many decisions come down our individual positions on hope and fear.

Anyway, what source would possibly share information if this ruling stands? By default, it means a journalist, unless he or she chooses imprisonment, is working for the prosecution should any criminal case arise.

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