We will pay for privacy in the future

Privacy advocates aren’t done with Facebook yet, as is explained in this ReadWriteWeb post.

The EFF, ACLU and others are asking for even more control to be given back to users when it comes to sharing their info on Facebook, but my guess is this will never happen.

I’m suspecting that we will have to pay Facebook and other networks for privacy in the future. If they can’t monetize our information with targeted communications from companies willing to pay for them, then they will need to turn us into paying customers by some other means.

But it will take a new social networking service to pull this off. Facebook and others who began with the promise of privacy will encounter too much backlash if they attempt to change the original ground rules for how they handle their customers’ information.

It will take a new network clearly stating that privacy will cost whoever joins. Of course, they will need to package the offering in a way that makes it useful. Maybe this theoretical site (or perhaps it exists) becomes a manager of individual’s information streams and the sale of them to other entities. Maybe data stream broker is a job of tomorrow.

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