What the top 3 CEOs in the world have in common

From a list by the Harvard Business Review:

1) Steve Jobs: No MBA (Apple)
2) Yun Jong-Yong: No MBA (Samsung Electronics)
3) Alexey B. Miller: No MBA (Gazprom)

Oh, and all three are considered industry insiders. But why are these top performers each lacking an MBA?

Is it because they’re not trained to provide solutions according to formulas or structured methods of thinking that educational systems teach? Does a lack of “this is how it’s done” in their experience leave more room for “let’s do it this untried way”? Instead of choosing from a list of options they learned from someone else, are they just making their own list up using their unique life experience?

Any deduction would be a stretch and easily taken apart, but I found it curious that the top three each lacked an MBA.

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