Worth a watch: ‘Battle for Haditha’

This documentary-style film follows a unit of U.S. Marines that kills 24 people in revenge following the death of a soldier by an I.E.D. hidden in a street of Haditha, Iraq.

There are two reasons I recommend watching this:

  1. For 98% of the film, it truly has the feel of a documentary, which enhances the drama and sadness of the story. The 2% refers to a few lines of dialogue that seemed forced, overly wrought and self-conciously attempting to inform the viewer about the significance of the scene being viewed and the feelings of the characters.
  2. It captures the daily, deadly disasters that arise out of people trying to survive and make decisions in the confusion, fear, misunderstandings and stresses of a war zone.

It was one of those movies that made me want to make movies.

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