If I have $4.57 to spend, don’t make me type it out

Whenever I want to pay my Discover credit card bill, I have an option of using my cashback bonuses. Great!

Not so great: When I indicate that yes, indeed, I would like to spend my cashback bonus, I am not given a simple radio button option that represents choosing the entirety of the bonus I have to spend.

Instead, I need to manually type in the exact amount. It is slow, inconvenient, and error-prone. Here is what it looks like:

Why do I need to type in the amount, which the company obviously has at its digital fingertips, rather than just select it?

Why is there not a radio button that lists the $4.57 I have to apply toward my credit card bill?

It seems so obvious a solution from a UX design perspective that I assume the company is intentionally introducing friction because they do not want me to actually use the cashback bonuses. That damages my impression of Discover and makes me trust them less. Otherwise, their website and apps are remarkably well designed.

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