The future of news: modes, lived experience, and solutions

Modes Are you a sifter, substantiater, studier, socializer, or sensemaker? Answer carefully — the future of the news industry may depend on it. If you’re like me and other people mentioned in Next Gen News report on the future needs and wants of info-hungry folks, you’re probably all of them. From one second to the … Read more

Trends in the journalism business and content creation: Centralized digital power and our virtual world (news roundup for March 26, 2016)

1. The Internet isn\’t distributing media power, it is concentrating it From Joshua Benton on NiemanLab: The game of concentration: The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts “The Internet doesn’t spread things apart — it pushes them together,” Richard Florida, an urban studies theorist. “You’re seeing more of … Read more