Frittered status: 100 percent

Only one fritter left! Thanks Joelk75

Fructose, Fruit, and Frittering | David Katz, M.D..

The author above laments the poor use of high-profile time and space by people/organizations responsible for communicating information about health and diet.

In short, he says that the more that “experts” spend time talking about silly or obvious things, the more respect they lose.

To give an extreme example, if a doctor takes time out of his day to tell you that breathing is good for you, you would stop wasting your time listening to that doctor.

Let’s micro-extrapolate. Did you? Good. Now we can talk about anyone in a position of information power — communicators with platforms that people actually listen to — abusing the privilege of having acccess to people’s ears.

Type of information doesn’t matter. Health. Fruit. War. Technology. Whatever.

Cacophany is the rule, and we have all long since been frittered to death.

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