I needed time to slack so I embedded this article about slacking to test embedding

Cubicle worker FAIL.  For the FDT (Face Down Tuesday) group.  Today this pose is known as planking.
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Embedding articles like videos might be one of those things that is more interesting in theory than practice. I wrote about it in September 2007 (The Web is your Web site; search is your navigation), when my obsession with unlocking the Internet’s secret sauce was riding high. The thing is, if you’re taking the time to run a blog properly, you’ll want to do things that bloggers do: find something cool; summarize it without copying it, and link to it; and add your own thoughts to the concepts. Pasting an entire article, legitimately or not, takes some of the fun out of it. Nevertheless, I did just that in this article about giving employees more down time to improve their performance. I know some managers take this so seriously that they actually pay their employees to take time off. Do it, manager people! Our brains need rest, need a lack of stimulus to process that which we’ve consumed. I’ve read about concerns that constant engagement wrecks our creativity. I don’t know if it destroys it, but it certainly takes away the time to engage with it. After all, if you’re watching, you’re not doing (though all of these “likes” and “retweets” are giving people a means to feel like they’re doing something when simply watching).

And, a shiny, embedded article:

Why Your Company Should Have More 'Slackers' (via CFO.com)

Workplace Issues | September 27, 2012 | CFO.com | US CFOs make all kinds of investments, but how about investing in more down time for employees? That may sound like a recipe for creating a bunch of slackers, but in fact the idea of optimal slack in a system is as fundamental to talent optimization…

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