Link: Nonprofit watchdog joins the online journalism fray with bites into fire-prone trucks, ATV safety and employers’ injury reports

FairWarning: News of safety, health and corporate conduct | FairWarning

Why did GM put the gas tanks there?

“A review by FairWarning found that at least 100 people have perished by fire since federal authorities dropped an investigation that could have led to the” recall of the C/K, a GM pickup.

Safety is OK, as long as it doesn’t hurt sales?

“More than 10,000 people have been killed in all-terrain vehicle crashes since the 1980s. … ATV manufacturers profess a strong interest in safety, especially for kids, but critics accuse the industry of talking up safety measures, then watching while off-roaders and dealers rise up to kill or water them down.”

A record accomplishment

“Official statistics show remarkable declines in injury rates for workers, not only at Smurfit, but at U.S. companies generally. But the estimates rely exclusively on injury logs kept by employers. Officials cite mounting evidence of gross undercounting, even for injuries as serious as amputations.”

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