In the darkness of beer goggles, the light of inspiration

Raise your glass. Not to forget. To find.

Science tells us the fires of creativity may burn more brightly in that land between sober and wasted: Buzzed State.

Man, so much to think about.Amarand Agasi / Foter

Better described, a mind yoked in the liquid reins of one’s preferred poison better finds answers to the questions before it. For art’s sake, don your beer goggles, and dim that awareness. With your memory thus hobbled, and your your attention made diffuse, you will better find the choices that need choosing, rather than treading paths to an unproductive end. At least that’s what happens if you play this game: upon receiving three different words, think of a word that best applies to all of them. (Blog, roller coaster and spaceship. Answer?)

The wisdom of this paints beyond the borders of this study. Still your waking mind ‌– the one that twists restaurant selection into an endless assembly and analysis of Yelp reviews ‌– and you emphasize doing over pondering, appreciating over yearning, and knowing over guessing.

Demon named Opportunity Cost, you have met your match: beer. Take a sip. Be now. Don’t think about living … too much. Live.

Think of a word that applies to blog, roller coaster and spaceship yet?

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