This is a $1300 pair of shoes. What else costs $1300?

$1300 shoes
Like wrapping each foot in $650.

For sale on Craigslist: “south beach 8 sz 13 deadstock – $1300 (Harlem / Morningside)”

“You know what these are and u know what they’re worth! Only sserious inqueries. Cash only!”

How about that. Collectors’ mania. I get it. But let’s put it in perspective. Helps think of money independently of the thing it is buying. So do you want a couple of turquoise foot bags, or do you want:

Bull terrier puppy. $1300.

Alfred Morris’s car. $1300.

An attempt to improve one’s sex life
. $1300.

What a couple has crowdsourced so far toward the cost of adopting. $1300.

What a pastor pays for someone to kill his wife. $1300.

Google Chromebook Pixel. $1300.

Shoes. $1300.

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