What ‘something’ will give? Billionaires’ Row and Welfare Lines


Charles Blow at The NYT warns of an undefined reaction to extraordinary wealth inequalities in U.S. society that American “leaders” actively exacerbate by pursuing wildly unjust agendas, including, inexplicably and cruelly, making food even less affordable for the poor.

Yes, food for poor people. That’s where our brave leaders head when trying to balance budgets.

What world do these fools live in? If they haven’t considered what will give when the price of bread is beyond the reach of someone just trying to survive a single day, why don’t I take a guess.

Here’s one: law and order.

At some point, people are not going to suffer your injustices just for the chance to suffer more injustices for a few pennies that get them nothing. They will stop trying to earn money to buy food. They will just take it. They will take the homes they can never afford. They will take the cars that work because they cannot afford to fix their own. They will take your streets and block them. They will take your buildings and destroy them.

Keep food affordable. Maybe take a crack at the U.S. military budget. Surely a $100 billion or so off that could go improving society rather than policing the world. Maybe consider having corporations pay their fair share. Heck, maybe just minimize your idiocy by doing nothing.

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