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I stumbled into, a lovely service that allows you to turn chaotic recipe web pages into clean and usable directions by adding “” in front of the URL.

Rather than typing that out repeatedly, I made a bookmarklet to handle the work. If you don’t know, a bookmarklet is a browser bookmark that uses JavaScript to manipulate a web page.

In this case, I grab the original recipe’s URL, add “” in front of it, and then launch a new window with that revised url.

To use the bookmarklet, you need to take a few steps:

1. Manually make a new bookmark in your browser.

2. Rather than type a URL into the URL field, you’re going to put in this JavaScript code:

javascript:(function(){let baseURL = window.location.href; let revisedURL = '' + baseURL;})();

3. Then go to a recipe page and click on the bookmarklet you’ve created.

You can create a account to save your favorites as you create them. I am at Here is an example of a “” version of a mung bean egg recipe I tracked down:

2 thoughts on “Bookmark shortcut to clean up recipes for”

  1. Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. Works great!

    I don’t know if it matters, but I thought I’d mention that when I first saw this result for bookmarklet I bypassed it because the title is confusing. I wanted a simple bookmarklet, but the title makes it sound like this does more than just redirect to – that it reprocesses in some way.

    I feel it would be better written as “Bookmark shortcut to, which cleans up recipes” or even better, “Bookmark shortcut for recipe clean-up site” But to be fair, you were the top result for DuckDuckGo so you may be hesitant to change something that seems to be working. But I made these intentionally similar to what you have now in a way I hope wouldn’t affect your SEO. But you never know.

    • Thanks, Charles. Nice to hear from a fellow journalist with a shared employer experience. Good points about SEO, but I am going to leave it as is for now. I’m happy you found the bookmarklet useful. JavaScript enables so many wonderful browser tricks. Anyway, appreciate your weighing in!


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