Sustainable Brands: Struggling to Scale Up Sustainably? Ask Nature (ghostwritten op-ed for Meati Foods)

Ghostwritten op-ed for the CEO of Meati Foods. Published in Sustainable Brands in February 2023: I hope every entrepreneur and business leader takes a moment to see if Mother Nature has already created what they’re trying to create or achieve in the marketplace. Among the many ways for a business to respond to our … Read more

MushroomRoot 101 for Meati Foods (landing page product explainer)

URL: Section 1: What is MushroomRoot? We are so glad you asked! MushroomRoot is Meati’s hero ingredient and really what we are — it constitutes 95% of most of our products. It’s a naturally nutrient-packed root-like structure that makes possible Meati’s textures, clean ingredient list, and provision of protein, fiber, B vitamins, and other … Read more